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    Mostafa Vegitable Oil Industry Limited was established in 1999 at Bhatiary about 15 km from the chittagong Industrial belt. Its authorized capital is Bangladesh Taka 25.00 (twenty five) crore only.
    The Company is producing Refined, high quality, 100% pure cholesterol free Soyabean Oil ,Palm Oil from imported CDSO ( Crude degummed Soya Bean oil) under a fully computerized PLC process. The company has started commercial production in the year of 2000.It is now the biggest project inChittagong and as well as in Bangladesh.

    Annual Production Capacity. of M..M..Vegetable Oil Products Ltd.

    a) Refined Soyabean oil ..........1,26,000 Metric Tons Per Year.
    b) Refined Palm Oil ............ 54,000 Metric Tons Per Year.
    c) Refined Palm Olein ........... 240000 Metric Tons per Year
    d) Vegetable Ghee ................ 1200 Metric Tons per Year

    The products/items produced by
    M. M. Vegetable Oil Products Limited is international standard and 100% pure and as import substitute. The Project is also fulfilling a reasonable portion of the

    total quantity consumed our country.

    The quality of the product/items is managed, monitored and controlled through computerized process so that buyers of all categories can easily buy the products from the market without any hesitation as the quality of the products is guaranteed and ensured.
    1stClass Hotels, Restaurants, Food processing industries/factories are the main and A-Category buyers for
    “MOSTAFA” brand vegetable oil due to its high quality. House wives also prefer Mostafa Vegetable oil, produced by M.M. Vegetable Products Limited.


    Acid oil and dust/wastage are also used in various purposes that are collected from imported CDSO through refinery process. These are the by products of CDSO (Crude degummed Soya Bean oil ) . Item Acid oil is used in soap factory and dust/wastage of CDSO is used in brick fields as fuel. Basically CDSO is the combination of the following components:

    1.       Refine and pure Soya bean oil.

    2.       Acid oil.

    3.       Dust/wastage.



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