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    Mostafa Paper Complex Ltd, the 2nd Paper Mills, went into commercial production is January 2005. The Company was set up at Halim Khar Char, Charkanai, PS-Patiya Dist-Chittagong with the production capacity of 54,000 Metric Tons annually. The Company is engaged in producing export quality Media by using waste paper, board and pulp etc. The Company is now producing Writing, Printing, and News Print & Kraft paper which meets the demands of the local market.




    Mostafa Paper Products Ltd. was incorporated with the Registrar of Joint Stock of Companies in the year of 2001 and went into commercial production in May’2003.The project produces best quality and international standard papers of various grades and qualities namely 1) Writing 2) Newsprint 3) Duplex Board

    MPPL has been set up at Halim Khan Char, Charkani, Patiya Dist- Chittagong. The company produces 19000 Metric Tons of paper per year with help of existing machinery and equipments of Japanese and Indian origin.



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