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    The nature of business of the company is to procure and to import of demolished Ocean Going Vessel for breaking and to sell ship scraps to the concerned Dealers/ Re-Rolling Mills/ Commission agents/ Brokers/ Whole Sellers/ Stockist/ Retailers/ Users and consumers etc through out the country. The Company has 18 years experience in the said line of trade and as well as in the Ship Breaking business. Rahman Ship Breakers Limited imported a good number of Demolished Ocean Going Vessels of various categories and capacities for the last couple of year to meet the demands of the local market.

    Important Parts, accessories, tools, engines, furniture and fixtures, electrical accessories relating to the demolished ocean vessels are used and consumed in domestic purposes and as well as in Industrial Sector. These items/parts are very popular in our country and as well as in neighboring countries due to its durability and quality. Prices of those commodities are cheaper than or imported items/commodities.

    Ship scraping is increasing as it is the only source of Raw Materials of Re-Rolling Mills for manufacturing of M.S.Rod (deformed bars) and M.S.Angle even though the procurement of demolished ocean going vessels is very difficult and tight to collect and as well as a huge amount of investment is involved in each demolished vessel.

    A very few Bangladeshi companies are exporting essential and un-common metallic items /parts to the neighboring countries with the active support and cooperation of
    Rahman Ship Breakers Limited, a unit of Mostafa Group of Industries. The Group is also using Ship breaking scraps for its own consumption and for making Billets, M. S. Rod and M. S. Angle as per requirements of valued clients cum customers of Mostafa Group of Industries.



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