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    Mostafa Steel Galvanizing Plant Limited, a unit of Mostafa Group of Industries was established in the year of 1994 at Bhatiary, P.S- Sitakunda, District- Chittagong in order to manufacture 1) G. P .Sheet and 2) C.I. Sheet with the demands and requirements of Whole Sellers, Retailers, Dealers, commission agents, users and consumers of Bangladesh.

    The imported raw materials will include BP sheet, Zinc ingot, Tin ingot, Lead ingot, Antimony ingot, Chlomic Acid, Ammonium Chloride, Sulphur etc. The company also procures BP sheet, Sulphur and Hydro Choloric Acid from local Sources.

    The Industry is engaged in producing and selling “ DOUBLE COOK / SWAN STAR/ , DOUBLE CAMEL/ APPOLO MOON / BUTTER FLY/ CHOTO RANI/ LADDU/ BRIGHT MOON “ Brands of High quality , durable and longevity G.P. Sheet and C.I. Sheet in the market as Trade Marks as approved by Registrar of Trade Marks, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh under Registration Nos.C-10558,C-10560, C-10561, C-10562, C-10563 , C-10564, C-10565 and C-10567 respectively.
    All these Brands belonging to
    Mostafa Steel Galvanizing Plant Limited are very popular and familiar in the market for its excellent composition – 100% Imported Raw Materials with high powered Zinc coating so that all the products are free from rust.

    The present capacity of Mostafa Steel Galvanizing Plant Limited is 35,000 Metric Tons per year covering both the items. The company has a plan for its enhancement of production capacity in the near future by implementing EXPANSION , BALACING AND MODERNIZATION of the existing Project .The declared authorized capital of the company is Bangladesh Taka 3.00 (Three) Crore only.



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