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    Mostafa Shrimp Products Ltd was incorporated with the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and firms in the year of 1999 with an authorized Capital Bangladesh Taka 6.00 (six) crore only. The Company has been engaged in producing Black Tiger Shrimp Fry for the last two years with the help of ultra modern machinery and equipments and as well as with the direct supervision of Foreign experts/technicians who are well trained in the line of shrimps hatchery and cultivation Near about 240 skilled and un-skilled manpower including 9 Foreign technicians/experts are working under the project: Mostafa Shimps Products Limited.

    The location of the hatchery project is at Sonar Para, Jaliya Palon, Upa-Zilla- Ukhiya Dist- Cox,s Bazar and as well as near the sea shore of Bay of Bengal. Since the very inception, the company on regular basis is supplying black tiger shrimp’s Fry to the Shrimps cultivation projects located in different areas in Bangladesh as per needs and requirements of those cultivation companies/projects/firms engaged.

    It is one of the biggest Hatchery for producing Shrimp’s Fry in Bangladesh and it is one of the most attractive manufacturing units of Mostafa Group of Industries. The Project has been set up in a less developed area at Sonar Para Dist – Cox,s Bazar and in accordance to the Industries Policy of Government Peoples Republic of Bangladesh. Most of the Shrimps exporters in Bangladesh now are depending on this biggest Hatchery Project for their yearly requirements. The production capacity of Hatchery for Shrimp Fry is about 8.00 (eight) Crore pieces annually as per industrial permission of our project.
    With the help of Mostafa shrimps hatchery project at Sonar Para, Cox,s Bazar, an independent Project has already been taken at Radha Nagar, Palashpool Dist- Satkhira for Shrimps cultivation and export purposes under the same name and style of
    Mostafa Shrimps Products Limited by mid of year 2002.The 1st phase of the project for shrimps cultivation started by end of year 2002.
    The company has since being exporting to countries like
    USA,UK, Canada, France, Italy, Germany etc. So far company has been able to export best quality international standard. Shrimps to overseas markets and had been able to earn foreign currencies which had brought prospect of the company and as well as for the nation as a whole.



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